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RFCAO | Mission Statement

The Resilient Flooring Contractors Association of Ontario (RFCAO) was incorporated in 1954. It is a construction industry trade association, the members of which are engaged in the business of supplying and installing flooring materials of all types including tiles, marble, carpet, terrazzo, etc. Members of the Assocation are involved mainly, but not exclusively, in the ICI and high-rise residential sectors of the construction industry. Companies representing the manufacturing and distribution of supplies and materials used in the resilient flooring industry are also members of RFCAO on an associate basis.

The Association is governed by two bylaws. The first covers general operating procedures and the second pertains strictly to labour relations. Labour relations have always been a major function of the association through the negotiation and administration of collective agreements with the Carpenters International Union.

RFCAO is the designated employer bargaining agency in the ICI sector for all employers in Ontario, which employ carpenters for the purposes of resilient flooring work. To this end, the Association negotiates as a part of the Carpenters EBA. The Association will also occasionally become involved on behalf of members in labour relations disputes arising out of the administration of the collective agreement.

The Associations objectives are:

  • To promote or assist in promoting the welfare and to enhance the interest of the members of the corporation comprising the person, firms and corporations engaged in the business of resilient flooring and the welfare of said business generally,

  • To promote and endeavour to establish uniform trade practices and regulations and to eliminate trade evils and abuses,

  • To promote and/or assist in promoting and obtaining the enactment of legislation necessary and desirable to further or effect the objects herein set forth and/or calculated or intended to improve the welfare of those engaged in the business of resilient flooring and/or calculated or intended to enhance the stability of said businesses, and

  • To negotiate and conclude among the members of the corporation or between the members of the corporation and others, whether in the said industry or other allied activities, stability and regularity of the said industry.

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